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Hypoxic Punks


“Our work at Metro Blooms has been highlighted in two really creative and fun videos created by Mark Pedelty and his team. The first, A Neighborhood of Raingardens, was a documentary with beautiful images, sometimes poetic narrative and and an original sound track that brought to light the community’s effort to clean up Powderhorn Lake in Minneapolis, which was eventually removed from the EPA’s list of impaired waters. His latest video You Can Build a Raingarden is in the style of an MTV video and is so creative and fun to watch! We will be using it in the coming years to help create awareness of the actions that everyone can take to help clean up their local lake or stream. We have been so fortunate to have worked with Mark, and we look forward to his next creative venture to help bring awareness and action to protect our clean water. ”

— Rebecca Rice, Executive Director of Metro Blooms

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Everything you need to know about chloride pollution, in the form of a music video

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UMN researchers to use music videos to raise environmental awareness


“This project has allowed us to reach new and old audiences with a fresh and energized approach. The music is catchy, in-tune with local values, and still drives home our main message. It has been rewarding to see the laughter and delight on the faces of community members watching it for the first time, and to see the same laughter and delight from those totally new to the issue. As one person described, “the music sinks into your head, like sediment sinking into Lake Pepin,” which is a nod to the talented production crew!”

— Rylee Main, Executive Director of the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance

“The “You Can Build a Garden” video provided a fun and innovative way to reach residents of all ages in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. The video has been a viral hit, and shared by many of our partners, since posting it to our website and social media. Mark and his team were great to work with and we are very pleased with the high-quality product! ”

— Darren Lochner, Education Program Manager – Minnehaha Creek Watershed District