LOUD Community Singing Contest




Welcome to the LOUD project! LOUD is about singers from around the Salish Sea raising their voices in song to express support for “quiet places” where orcas and all animals can flourish. Noise is harming the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW), but song can help keep them alive. We will give out twenty $100 Target gift certificates as a way of thanking participants for lending their voices to the community project. Here’s how to take part…

1) Watch LOUD. If you like LOUD, please comment on the YouTube page and share it with your choirmates, friends, and family. The more views, likes, and shares LOUD receives the more impact it and YOUR video will have.

2) Learn the lyrics to Verse 1. They are pasted below.

3) Use your phone or camera to make a video of yourself singing Verse 1 at a location you love on or near the Salish Sea. Please sing it in the same key as LOUD if possible. Perform it your way, bringing whatever vocal stylings, movement (or stillness), costuming (or regular clothes), signage (or not), that helps you best express yourself.

3) Send your video to by Friday, March 22, 2019, World Water Day. Please provide your full name, where the video was recorded, your email address and the name of your band, choir, or organization (group affiliation is not required; we just want to give a shout out if you belong to a community choir, group, or organization). Don’t worry, we won’t use your email for any promotions, sales, etc.. If the video file is too large for email, please send it via dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive. Whatever is easiest for you. Make sure that your video is downloadable, so that we can put it in a community gallery on this website. By submitting the photo you are agreeing to include your video on Ecosong.Net. Also, in addition to featuring your video, we reserve the right to edit videos together to create a video collage of the “Salish Sea Singers” singing in order or in unison.

We will announce the gift certificate winners by Monday, April 22, 2019, Earth Day. Gift certificate winners will be decided by a Twitter Poll. However, LOUD is not about being the “best” (a highly subjective assessment). Each of us has a unique musical message to express, so whether you want to pop out to the backyard to record a video selfie or instead have a friend film you down by the shore, we want YOUR VOICE and video in the community gallery. No video is too basic. We care about you and your voice more than production values. Thank you for adding your voice to the LOUD chorus so that we can help preserve and protect orca whales and create a healthier Salish Sea community! Here’s the verse…

Verse 1

Loud, and undone, you can barely hear the salmon run
Through the ships and the boats there’s only so long that you can float
Silencing noise, fall and recoil from the deafening sound of the machines
When what we really need is a little bit of peace
How ‘bout a quiet time?
How ‘bout a quiet place?