Loud Audition Page




Welcome to the LOUD project! If you are here you are probably considering taking part in our community singing contest. Please do! Winners will participate in the making of our music video about noise pollution on the Salish Sea and each will receive $500 plus transportation and meals for one day of professional recording and filming on your island (Lummi, Lopez, Orcas, or San Juan). The shoot will take place September 18, 19, or 20, so make sure that you'll be available one of those days. Here’s how to get involved!
     1) Learn the lyrics and melody to the first verse and chorus of Loud. Watch the two demo videos below to learn the melody. If you want to hear the whole song, a full band demo recording is linked at the bottom. Imagine singing one verse of the song along with 3 other talented Salish Sea vocalists. 
     2) Take a video of yourself singing the first verse and chorus. Try to sing it in the same key as one of the demo videos. Perform it your way in terms of style. We are looking for distinct personalities for the video, four different individuals to bring their own voices and styles to the project. Also, please feel free to add movements, as did Claire in her demo video. A basic smartphone camera video is just fine. 
     3) Send your video to Pedelty@umn.edu by August 15, 2018. If it is too large to send via email, send it by a dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive. Whatever is easiest for you. We will announce the winners by August 20.

Verse 1

Loud, and undone, you can barely hear the salmon run
Through the ships and the boats there’s only so long that you can float
Silencing noise, fall and recoil from the deafening sound of the machines
When what we really need is a little bit of peace
How ‘bout a quiet time?
How ‘bout a quiet place?


Thanks to ArtsVictoria (https://artsvictoria.ca/) for help in promoting this contest